Patrick Sartin started cooking at a young age in Dayton, Ohio working in several local eateries before attending the Culinary Institute of America where he graduated from in 2002. After graduation, he set a goal to travel and work in different regions of the Untied States, gaining as much culinary knowledge as possible. Patrick has made a name for himself working in the industry from Colorado to Maine and various states in between, all the while working with very talented culinarians that included two stints under ACF Certified Master Chefs. As a chef for Ocean Properties LTD in Bar Harbor Maine for  7 years, Patrick  assisted in opening and overseeing the daily operations in hotel kitchens and large catering facilities up and down the east coast. He has extensive knowledge in execution of large banquet functions, operating multiple outlets, and producing a wide variety of foods indigenous to the different regions and cultures of The United States. With the mobile venture, which is a valuable tool for street vending, catering, and exposure of flavor, Patrick continues to spread the knowledge of cuisine he has gathered through his extensive travels and hopes to show how important it is to get back to the simplicity of cooking, using local ingredients and simple techniques.


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